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A Hawaiian Jewelry 14Kt. "Kuuipo" Pendant

"A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition"

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Made in Hawaii




Family Crest that will last for generations.
Conversations today on preserving family heritage are among the most popular subjects.

Today, individuals and families claim certain animals, sealife or birds as their personal "aumakua" and the more powerful ‘aumakua, such as the Mano, continue to be honored in our increasingly modern world.

Fishermen have told of being lost or in danger at sea, only to find themselves to be guided by their ‘aumakua in the form of a dolphin or shark leading them to safety. Aumakua’s are believed to protect the bearer and bring good luck.

Aumakua’s are believed to be an ancestor who
 provided comfort and spiritual support.
Also used in preserving
 a family heritage were the symbols of the trade of your ancestors such as a farmer or fisherman

and sports such as paddling, swimming
 or running.

Inspired by the shape of the Hawaiian Coat of Arms, the Hawaiian Family Crest is engraved with your family Aumakua or symbol above your family name.


Choice of Background Color:
Natural Gold, Ali'i Black, Fire Red or Deep Blue (shown) Approx. 1" X 1 1/4"

14Kt. $455.95

1) Shark "Mano" 2) Owl "Pueo" 3)Turtle "Honu" 4) Dolphin 5) Farmer 6) Fisherman 7) Taro 8) Canoe Paddler


1. Select your "Aumakua" or Trade Symbol, enter number 
2. Select a background color Natural Gold, Ali'i Black, Fire Red or Deep Blue
3. Enter Family Last Name


Enter Number of Aumakua/ Symbol:
Background Color:Family Name:


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A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition