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A Hawaiian Jewelry 14Kt. "Kuuipo" Pendant

"A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition"

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Kamon was born in the Japanese tradition and cultural climate and is the symbol of a family or a group. In addition, a symbol similar to the family crest is an emblem of national as well as local government bodies including prefecture, city, town and so forth, uniquely designed in consideration of the tradition and cultural background specific to the respective region. Also, religious facilities like shrines, Buddhist temples, various enterprises, educational organizations like universities, colleges, high schools etc. have got their own emblems designed to represent their own tradition and background, and they are regarded as important properties of their own.
In Japan, there are as many as 30,000 different family crests. Most of them are images of plants followed by images of animals. This could explain that the traditional Japanese way of life had been closely associated with the natural surroundings.
It appears that by drawing various images of nature that were seen or used in people's everyday life for usage as decorative articles for clothes, furniture etc. and with the repeated use of such images, gradually it became the family symbol or crest. This is probably how the Japanese family crest was born.


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14Kt. Solid Gold 12mm Hawaiian Family Mon Bracelet

Designed with your family crest on each side of your name in raised letters. Complete with our
Royal Maile Scrolling
*email your kamon in a jpeg format, using your last name in the subject box of email


up to size 8, Add $21.00 for each  1/4" over size 8"

Name on Bracelet:Bracelet Size:

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14Kt. Japanese Mon  Rope Bracelet

Designed with your family crest. Total length 7". Available in 14Kt yellow gold
 *email your kamon in a jpeg format



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For many generations ornamental patterns made up of designs and/or shapes known today as a family crest were once embroidered by hand on fine silk and sewn on the beholders garments. These fancy garments were worn during Royal Functions and Fancy Galas. japanese_kamon_earrings1.jpg (21076 bytes)       japanese_kamon1.jpg (123853 bytes)

japanesekamonwave.jpg (19578 bytes)mon_cutout-hvy.jpg (22813 bytes) 

Today, many families believe in preserving their family tradition by creating their Family Crest in Precious Metals to be worn as a decorative piece of art jewelry, and are proud to tell the story behind their unique design.

Custom Japanese Crests such as Kamons, also known today as Mons, can be produced by our skilled master engravers with the details of your valued Family Crest in Precious Metals. We also do English Family Crests.

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oday more and more individuals seek to preserve their Family Crests

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Our skilled craftsman are able to turn your treasured family crest into a beautiful Heirloom to last for generations.


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Available in three different pendant sizes, including rings for men and women & accessories.

Pendant Sizes

24 mm Diameter
(Quarter size) 
28 mm Diameter 
30 mm Diameter
 (Half Dollar size)

Preserve Your Family Heirloom in 14Kt. Solid Gold
Mon Jewelry available in Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Tie Tacs and Cuff Links

* Custom Design, Double Sided and  varies sizes available
*Call for price quote 

Mens  Ring

Ladies Ring

Mens White Gold Ring

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japanese_kamon_mens_ring.jpg (16417 bytes)

japanese_mon_ring_rd.jpg (16650 bytes)

japanese_mon_ring_sq.jpg (19545 bytes)  japanese_kamon_sq_rg_side.jpg (16523 bytes)

japanese_white_gold_mon_ring_front.jpg (17398 bytes)

japanese_white_gold_mon_ring_side.jpg (18533 bytes)

japanese_kamon_crest_ring.jpg (18475 bytes)

japanese_kamon_earrings.jpg (15297 bytes)
(available in post or lever backs)

japanese_kamon_feather_cuff_links.jpg (20389 bytes)
Cuff Links

japanese_kamon_cuff_links.jpg (20564 bytes)

Ball Marker

japanesering.jpg (21003 bytes)

Your Japanese Name  in 14Kt. Gold

japanese_pendant.jpg (24567 bytes)

hawaiian_mon_money_clip.jpg (30583 bytes)

Money Clip

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