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A Hawaiian Jewelry 14Kt. "Kuuipo" Pendant

"A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition"

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Made in Hawaii


Ohana Collection

The jewelry that tells it's Own Story....."The Pride of that Special Woman in your Life" Mom, Grandmother, Wife, Sister or Aunt
who ever she may be she will definitely be overwhelmed with Joy !!!

86092_5_stones.jpg (16000 bytes) 

Designer birthstone Pendant with Chain

Beautiful Designer look of all the family birthstones.
Complete with chain. Available in 14Kt yellow gold, 14Kt white gold and Silver. Up to 6 stones. from $220.00 and up, $10.00 per syn, birthstone.

86092_4_stones.jpg (18783 bytes)

Metal Type:
Select Family Stones  1st: 2nd:3rd:4th: 5th:6th:


ohanacharmbrac.jpg (32243 bytes)
click for larger view
14Kt. Hawaiian Ohana Charm Bracelet ©
Designed  for the special bond between Family, Friends and Love ones in mind...  
Each Charm engrave with a Hawaiian Initial and Hawaiian Blossom filled with enamel giving it the  touch of the islands.  Each is charm is soldered and dangles freely on a 4mm 14Kt. Solid Charm Bracelet.
Charm Bracelet  7" in length.
 Bracelet available only in yellow gold 7"  $756.00
Charm Only: $84.95 
Silver Bracelet includes one charm: $129.95  7"  or $159.95- 8"
Each additional Charm Only: $52.95 

kanecharm.jpg (19642 bytes)

available in Yellow Gold, White Gold and Silver 
Bracelet includes One Charm

Select One:   Bracelet Length: Initial:

wahinecharm.jpg (17514 bytes)

Additional  Girl Charm Only

 Yellow Gold or SILVER :   Qty :     Initial (s):

Additional Boy Charm Only

Yellow Gold or SILVER :    Qty:      Initial (s):

14Kt. Sectional Family Tradition Bracelet ©

b_ohana_sectional.jpg (54381 bytes)

Sectional Bracelet. Bearing names of each family  member.  Includes up to 7" in length and up to five names, 8 letters each.*if less names used we will us spacers
 *for additional names or letters contact us for price quote.

Yellow Gold Enamel letters $2495.00                       White Gold Enamel Letters $2995.00
Silver Sectional Family Tradition Bracelet $795.00

    Length:White Gold,  Yellow Gold or SILVER :  

As Shown above: Yellow Gold Raised  letters $2495.00         White Gold Raised Letters (shown) $2995.00      Silver Sectional Family Tradition Bracelet $595.00

   Length: White Gold,  Yellow Gold or SILVER :  

Pa_aloha_pend.jpg (110770 bytes)

14Kt. Pa'aloha Ohana Pendant  ©

Another  Exclusive Design to the Ohana Collection.  Pendant designed with the endless circle of life. Bearing your Ohana (Family) members. Select the gender of the first child, than second child and so on.
If the child is a girl (wahine) there will be a red flower and if the child is a boy (kane) there will be a blue flower.  We have added edition to the Hawaiian style each wearing a grass skirt and raised scroll.
Pendant approx 25 mm
14Kt. Yellow Gold
$999.95Sterling Silver $442.95

Select Metal:
Select Children in Family 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th:


hawaiian_mothers_pendant1.jpg (75539 bytes)  
14Kt. Reflections of A Mother’s Pride Pendant©

A Family Pendant. 12mm  Pendant bearing each family members name with their Syn. birthstone. Engrave delicately with the Royal Maile.   Another Keepsake with Mom in mind by Designs 'n Gold
(a maximum of 6 names and a total of 36 letters)
14Kt. yellow Gold $795.00   Sterling Silver $463.95   plus $18.00 per stone
*enter name and birthstone

 Select Metal:
Name #1 Name #2 Name #3 Name #4 Name #5  
Name #6



Royal Ohana Collection ® ©

Featured Nationally in Hawaii Magazine

The Meaning of Ohana........The Family

The heavenly scented Maile lei symbolizing the strength and endless bond of the family is engraved around the ancient Hawaiian Petroglyph symbolizing the family.
Delicately set with each family members birthstone, that resemble the colors of tropical flowers.


14KT Solid Gold to last for Generations.

"The Royal Ohana Collection Pendant" ® (registered trademark)  Exclusively by Designs 'N Gold. Approximately 1" in diameter. This Ohana pendants are perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day,  Birthday's, Christmas, or just to say "I Love You"
A  description card of the meaning of  "The Royal Ohana Collection Pendant" ® is provided with each pendant.

Choice of background:    Black Coral, Ocean Blue, Forrest Green or Fire Red   optional birthstones $18.00 per stone
*when ordered specify background color and birth months.

hawaiian_ohana_pendant.jpg (23596 bytes)

p_ohana_pend.jpg (71013 bytes)

14Kt. yellow gold $795.95   plus $18.00 per stone                 Sterling Silver $454.95   plus $18.00 per stone


Select Metal: 
1st: 2nd:3rd:4th: 5th:6th:

*if more than 6 Syn. Birthstones are needed, please call for ordering
Background Color:

hawaiian_jewelry_Mom_pendant.jpg (21040 bytes)

14Kt. Mom Princess "Pauahi"  Pendant ©

Designed with the Beauty of  the Princess "Pauahi" in mind.  Hawaiian Pendant engraved with the beloved "Mom"  in Raised Gold letters.  A Hawaiian Blossom engraved and enhanced with black enamel. Blossom set with .02 Genuine Diamond in the center.   Diamond cut borders glisten with reflection.  Approx. 1½" x 10mm. Up to 8 letters

14Kt. yellow Gold $753.95 Sterling Silver $315.95

Qty: Select Metal:   

hawaiian_mothers_ring.jpg (18384 bytes)

14Kt. Reflections of A Mother’s Pride ©

Definitely not a Traditional Mother's Ring.  As beautiful as Mom.   We have created this Heavy weight  Mother's Ring with her in mind.  Complete with our Hawaiian Royal Maile Scroll.

10Kt. $712.95 plus $18.00 per stone     14Kt. $840.95 plus $18.00 per stone     Silver $395.00plus $18.00 per stone
over size 8 extra per additional 1/4 size

Choice of Metal:   Ring:
Select Stones:
*if more than 6 Syn. Birthstones are needed, please call for ordering
*Genuine Stones available, call for estimate

Ohana_Honu_ring.jpg (15681 bytes)

Ohana_honu_rg.jpg (19307 bytes)


hawaiian_jewelry_honu_birthstone_ring.jpg (18287 bytes)

 14Kt. Ohana Honu Ring ©

The value of Family lives within this special designed Honu Ring. Can be worn by both men and women. 8mm ring designed with the Hawaiian Petroglyph Honus.
Three different Honus to signify the Father, Mother and Children. Complete with our Royal Maile Scrolling . Band approx. 8mm in width. Complete with Honu's  *birthstones optional-ordered below
10Kt. yellow gold $696.00     14Kt. yellow Gold
$945.00     14Kt  white gold $825.00     Sterling Silver $387.95
 plus $18.00 per stone

over size 8 additional $7.20 per 1/4 size larger. Syn. Birthstone add'l $18.00 each

Select Metal:

Check Parents needed: Father Mother:
No of Children:
Ring Size:
*if more than 7 Syn. Birthstones are needed, please call for ordering

honu_vertical_pend.jpg (129360 bytes)

Hawaiian Honu Ohana (family) Pendant©

14Kt. 12mm Honu Pendant. Honu's (turtles) to represent each member of your family set with each members birthstone. Complete with your choice of name in English or Hawaiian.  Honu's also known for Good Luck. Up to six Honu's available with or without birthstones. Length 1 1/4" x 12mm. Includes up to 8 letters
$595.95 yellow gold Honu's without stones     $655.95 white gold Honu's without stones     $18.00   each Syn Birthstone

Select Metal:  Name on Pendant: Number of Honu's:  
Syn Birthstones:

*Genuine Stones available, call for estimate

hawaiian_jewerly_ohana_palm_tree.jpg (88546 bytes)

Hawaiian Ohana (family) Palm Tree Pendant©

14Kt. Hawaiian Palm Tree representing your Family Tree Palm fronds set with  family members birthstone. Approx. 1" in length.  Accommodate up to 7 stones.
$695.00 yellow gold     $745.00 white gold     $18.00   each Syn Birthstone 

Select Metal:  
Syn Birthstones: (optional)

*Genuine Stones available, call for estimate



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