Designer Pet Jewelry

available in 14Kt. gold and Silver

Don’t forget those who bring us joy!

Our Pet line was designed after many of our customer asked
 us to make their pet a pendant with their name.
Each custom pet tag is custom made with your pets name
 with your choice of design.
Sometimes we get caught up in work and our daily lives
 and fail to remember our pet.

Think About It . . . . . 
Who’s always there to greet you at the door?

Who’s always happy to see you?
Who’s always there when you need some cheering up?
Who’s always there to lend a sympathetic ear?
not to mention their unconditional love

Silver 17mm (dime size) $84.00
Silver 24mm (quarter size) $94.00
Silver 30mm (half dollar) $114.00

14Kt. 17mm  $792.00
14Kt. 24mm $995.00
14Kt. 30mm $868.00

Charm No: PC-Paw

Pets Name:

Charm No: PC-Bone

Pets Name:

Charm No: PC-Dog

Pets Name:

Charm No: PC-Silo

Pets Name:

Charm No: PC-Cat

Pets Name:

Charm No: PC-Tail

Pets Name: