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A Hawaiian Jewelry 14Kt. "Kuuipo" Pendant

"A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition"

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Made in Hawaii


Sterling Silver Hawaiian Jewelry  

Our master engravers have designed several signature pieces of Hawaiian Jewelry for those who seek high quality and strive to keep the tradition of Hawaiian Jewelry alive.


Sterling Silver Royal Maile Bangle Bracelet

Our Master engravers designed this smooth flowing scroll after the Hawaiian Maile Lei known as the Royal Maile. Your name is engraved and filled with our special formulated enamel. 
Heavy weight 2mm thick.
 Available in 4 widths. Includes up to 8", larger sizes available.
8mm $295.00 - 10mm $345.00 - 12mm $395.00 - 15mm $445.00

Bracelet width: Name:
Bracelet Size:

silver_7_day_bracelets_small.jpg (34331 bytes) 

 silver_7_day_bracelets_scroll.jpg (24867 bytes)

Silver 7- Day Promise Bracelets
In olden times, the Beautiful Goddess of Promise, ruled that seven silver rings together 
will bring Good Fortune upon all who wore them. Each silver bracelet signifying each day of the
 week that you will enjoy the special gift of the Beautiful Goddess. Engraved with the Hawaiian Scroll 
and Hawaiian Blossom. 
Each set contains 7 bracelets each 4mm in width available in sizes 7 1/2 ,8,  8 1/2 and 9.
available in 14Kt. 


Small Cut Out Hawaiian "Honu" Bracelet
Small  Hawaiian Honu Bracelet . Honus approx. 9mm x 12mm each. Total length 7"


Large Cut Out Hawaiian "Honu" Bracelet
Large  Hawaiian Honu Bracelet . Honus approx. 11mm x 13mm each. Total length 7"


Silver Bamboo Bangle Bracelet
available in 10-18mm and  size 7 1/2- 9
10mm $67.95 - 12mm $82.95 - 15mm- $134.95 (pictured) - 18mm- $192.95

Qty: Width: Bracelet size:

Silver Honu Bangle Bracelet
available in 15mm  size 7 1/2 - 9
10mm $67.95 - 12mm $82.95 - 15mm- $134.95 (pictured) - 18mm- $192.95

Qty: Bracelet size:

Silver Plumeria Scroll Bangle Bracelet with black borders.
available in 8-18mm and  size 7 1/2- 8 1/2
10mm $67.95 - 2mm $82.95 - 15mm- $134.95 (pictured) - 18mm- $192.95

Qty: Width: Bracelet size:

ss_baby_brac.jpg (71618 bytes)

Silver Hawaiian Baby Bracelet
This 6mm tapered bracelet is made keeping baby in mind. For Baby's first bracelet a custom in Hawaii for generations. Bracelet is expandable to size 6


Silver Plumeria cut out Bangle Bracelet
available in 8-18mm and  size 7 1/2- 8 1/2
8mm $64.95 - 10mm $67.95 - 12mm $82.95 - 15mm- $134.95 (pictured) - 18mm- $192.95

Qty: Width: Bracelet size:

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