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A Hawaiian Jewelry 14Kt. "Kuuipo" Pendant

"A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition"

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Made in Hawaii



14Kt. Oval Dolphin Earrings

14Kt. Oval dangle earrings with 4mm balls. Pierced Earrings.
Choice of two different styles. Single Dolphin or Mother and Child.
Specify when ordering.
 Each oval earrings approx. 14.4 mm x 10 mm.

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princess_hoops.jpg (87696 bytes)

14Kt. 6mm Princess Cut Out Earrings

6mm pierced earring with a Cut out Princess design and Hawaiian blossom, decorated by  Black Borders.

with omega backs

  Qty: Earrings Backs:

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NEW 14Kt. 8mm Cylinder Earrings

Carefully cutting out the background to enhance the Hawaiian blossoms.
 Accented by black enamel borders. Approx. cylinders 1/2". Lever back for security.



hawaiian_jewelry_enamel_er.jpg (23173 bytes)


14Kt. Initial Heart Earrings

Petite Heart Shape Hawaiian Initial Earrings with Post. Your initial in Black Enamel. Approx. 12.5 mm 9.5mm

matching pendants

Initial on Earrings:


14Kt. 5mm Dangle Earrings

 5mm dangle earrings adds elegance.  Attached by a 5mm balls pierce earrings dangles a 5mm 1 1/4" long bar with your name translated  in Hawaiian or your name in English.
up to 7 letters.


Name on Earrings:


14Kt. Petroglyph Raised Baby "Honu" Earrings
The legend tells, that wearing a piece of jewelry with the symbol of the "Honu" will bring harmony to one's life as the giant creatures themselves bring to our ocean so deep. This petite pierced earring perfect for children and everyday use. Approx. 7.5mm X 8.5mm

matching bracelet



14Kt. Royal Maile Earrings
Designed after our signature scroll the Royal Maile.  A must for complete any Royal Maile Hawaiian Jewelry Set. Approx. 8mm x 1". Pierced Earrings.


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A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition